The little things that fascinate me…

The morning was as wonderful as the evening. I cannot say enough about the Red Shale campground. The weather was beautiful and Chip cooked breakfast outside. There were two other campers who came in during the night, but the campground had enough space no one was even close to each other’s campsites.

Today’s travels were just that, traveling. But not without seeing a lot of interesting things, including some things most people wouldn’t even notice.

We covered over 400 miles of roads today, saw a lot of pronghorn, a few mule deer and we saw miles and miles and more miles of corn, sunflowers, and soybean.


Here is a cool sign that we saw. The first sign we saw, that I missed getting a picture of said next 50 miles. You know me, I really wanted to turn around and go back to get a picture of that sign. Chip assured me we would see another one and twenty miles later I saw this one. You will have to trust me about the 50 miles since I don’t have the picture to prove it. I am pretty sure nowhere in North Carolina would we see a sign for this many miles.


We saw fields that were so big there were five combines working at one time. That was quite a sight to see. Though I did not get a picture of it. I think Chip was tired of us turning around because “I missed it.”

We saw a lot of huge tractors on the highway and natural gas wells as far as you could see. It was really neat to see because the wells were per Chip “firing off.”

The other thing we saw a lot of were white trucks. Now, I know you are thinking there are a lot of white trucks on the road, and yes, we have a white truck. But this was hundreds of white trucks, and they were all filthy, so it was easy to draw the conclusion the white trucks belonged to the oil refineries.


The third interesting thing we saw was all of the trucks, even the big rigs, had huge bumpers on them. Some were plain and some were fancy, but they all had the same purpose, to keep from damaging the truck when they hit wildlife, which must occur often, based on the numbers of vehicles with these bumpers.

There are certain things that you see that make you think of others, and when I saw these trains, I thought of our friend Rob who loves trains. I had never seen engines these colors so I had to snap a picture.

We ate lunch in a truck stop parking lot and was looking for boondocking opportunities for this leg of the trip. We surprisingly found an interesting opportunity that had camping. It was at the Prairie Village Museum in Rugby, North Dakota. I called ahead of time to make sure it was okay to camp in their parking lot and they assured us it was fine. We arrived after it had closed, so we weren’t really sure where we were supposed to “boondock” but figured we would be gone before anyone arrived, so it didn’t really matter. The museum did not open until 10:00am, and though I would have loved to have toured it, yes, I googled it, we would be long gone before it opened.

If we are ever in that area again, we will definitely check it out, and you will want to as well.

Also, in Rugby, you will find the Geographic Center of North America.

We had settled in for the evening and was sound asleep when I heard an alarm and quickly realized it was our truck alarm. I punched Chip and startled him as he jumped up and grabbed the keys to cut the alarm off. I was relieved that it went off so quickly. It was like I was worried about waking others up, when we were in a parking lot, all alone, and no other campers to wake up. But then it went off again and now I was a little more concerned, especially when Chip grabbed his gun and opened the door. I was like “what are you doing”, and he said, well it went off for a reason, so I am making sure no one is messing around outside. Well then, of course, I got scared. Here I am laying up in the bed of a truck camper, and the back door of the camper is now open, and my husband is wandering around outside with a gun. Thank God he came back quickly, he had not seen anything, and I spent the next hour listening to him snore while I was googling ford truck alarms, which I learned can at times have “issues” that cause them to go off for no reason. He amazes me at how quickly he can go back to sleep. Once I was satisfied, it was an alarm issue, or at least I prayed, I finally dozed off, with one eye open, just in case.

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