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Leaving Yellowstone, reluctantly

Like everyone, we were looking forward to a couple of days at Yellowstone, but honestly, we thought that was all we needed, a couple of days, but to our surprise, we would have loved to have had at least a week. Yellowstone has so… Continue Reading “Leaving Yellowstone, reluctantly”

Day 2 Yellowstone National Park

Tonight’s posting is especially for my friends, The Durham’s, who shared with me last night how much they were enjoying my journey and reminded me I was past due on a posting. I told them I had worked over 70 hours this past week… Continue Reading “Day 2 Yellowstone National Park”

Chief Joseph Highway and Yellowstone

Obviously, if you are reading this, you know we did survive our night with no problems with the CO2 detector. We were up bright and early to head toward the laundromat. Laundromat? Really, who does laundry on their vacation? Us apparently. I personally had… Continue Reading “Chief Joseph Highway and Yellowstone”