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broken shells

I recently had an incredible experience while visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My husband had gone fishing for the day on a charter with friends, and he left me with the truck, to spend the day on the beach. I have ridden… Continue Reading “broken shells”

Who’s The Mama

So a lot of people have asked what my surgery was back in May, and I have been super busy and just getting around to this post. This is what I had done, a Left Wrist Arthrodesis with Distal Ulna Excision and Possible Distal… Continue Reading “Who’s The Mama”

My Rheumatologist

When I thought of this blog, I thought of a lot of different titles, Why the Tears, When Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and the list goes on, but I decided on simplicity and therefore this is all about my journey with… Continue Reading “My Rheumatologist”

COVID 19 and Me

Who would have ever thought we would have ever experienced anything like this in our lifetime? For some, there seem to be no worries, and for others, they are stressed to the point of fear. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I… Continue Reading “COVID 19 and Me”

Was it worth it?

I think I noted in one of my previous posts that I will just about try anything that anyone suggests that might help with my RA and inflammation. As you all know I have changed my diet and mostly eat food that is considered… Continue Reading “Was it worth it?”

Great Lake and Great Cheese

Good Morning. No problems wallydocking last night. Today we went to Lake Superior and walked a trail along the shore.   We walked from the parking lot to the lakeside underground through this tunnel. I just thought that was neat. We rode the scenic… Continue Reading “Great Lake and Great Cheese”

Counting Blessings

Sometimes you do everything right, and ole’ Arthur will still rear his ugly head and throw a monkey wrench in your day. That was my Friday. I had gone to bed on Thursday night with a mindset of what all I planned to get… Continue Reading “Counting Blessings”

Holidays Bring Pain

Holidays bring pain, and that means a lot of things to a lot of people. I know holidays bring the pain of loss for those of us who have lost loved ones. But this posting is about a different kind of pain that the… Continue Reading “Holidays Bring Pain”

Day 2 Yellowstone National Park

Tonight’s posting is especially for my friends, The Durham’s, who shared with me last night how much they were enjoying my journey and reminded me I was past due on a posting. I told them I had worked over 70 hours this past week… Continue Reading “Day 2 Yellowstone National Park”

Cooking takes more than a good recipe, it also takes a Ninja Foodi, common sense and a good sponge. 

For many years I did most of the cooking in our home. But when my work often kept me later than Chip’s work, he began doing most of the cooking. Chip is a wonderful cook, and everyone loves his cooking, just ask our camping… Continue Reading “Cooking takes more than a good recipe, it also takes a Ninja Foodi, common sense and a good sponge. “