Great Lake and Great Cheese

Good Morning. No problems wallydocking last night. Today we went to Lake Superior and walked a trail along the shore.


We walked from the parking lot to the lakeside underground through this tunnel. I just thought that was neat.


We rode the scenic highway and stopped at various places to see views. We went to a visitor information center and were given a map that showed all the cheese factories in Wisconsin.

We stopped at a cheese factory and creamery that was very interesting. We saw the process from the beginning to the end.


The cows waited patiently for their turn at the automated milking machines. It was hilarious to watch as when the gate opened and they were able to go into the area they walked down to their stall area, turned around and walked backward until they had their teats lined up, I guess. It was like they knew exactly what was expected of them. Then a man hooked each one up, and the machines did the rest. There were viewing areas and information on each step of the process.

We purchased several different items made locally including chocolate maple candy, sugar cone caramel cookies and of course cheese. The best purchase was the fried cheese curds, and yes even though I am not supposed to have dairy, I had to taste it, which was my downfall because it was incredible. The ranch type dressing (more dairy) was simply amazing.


We took backroads the rest of the trip and saw a lot of dairy and Amish families.

I thought it was interesting the roads and highways were letters instead of numbers like we see in NC. You know me then it became a game where I was looking to see if I could get all the alphabet, unfortunately I had missed the first part of the alphabet, but I did pay attention long enough to go into double letters. Here are just a few.

Chip drove hard, and we ended up in Bloomington, Illinois, where we stayed at a Cracker Barrel. It was 9:30pm and we were tired.

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