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Backroads are the Best Roads

Good Morning! Staying in the Cracker Barrel parking lot was wonderful. It was quiet but the best part was the fact that we splurged on breakfast. On the bright side, we had a gift card we have had forever, at least so long that… Continue Reading “Backroads are the Best Roads”

Great Lake and Great Cheese

Good Morning. No problems wallydocking last night. Today we went to Lake Superior and walked a trail along the shore.   We walked from the parking lot to the lakeside underground through this tunnel. I just thought that was neat. We rode the scenic… Continue Reading “Great Lake and Great Cheese”

Waterfowl Expedition

Today was again a travel day. We were up early, refilled the gas tank, again, and had our path mapped out taking back roads toward the Devils Lake area. We were hoping to see waterfowl. We took back roads the entire trip and did… Continue Reading “Waterfowl Expedition”

The little things that fascinate me…

The morning was as wonderful as the evening. I cannot say enough about the Red Shale campground. The weather was beautiful and Chip cooked breakfast outside. There were two other campers who came in during the night, but the campground had enough space no… Continue Reading “The little things that fascinate me…”

Cody, Wyoming

When we awoke this morning, we did note that a couple more campers came in some time during the night. On our way out we rode up to Warren’s Peak Fire Tower which was right up the road from the campground. We saw some… Continue Reading “Cody, Wyoming”

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

We were up early, as usual, and had the camper packed up and headed to Spearfish Canyon today. The drive was another scenic by-way with breathtaking scenery. I wish I could capture what I saw perfectly and share it with others, but it would… Continue Reading “Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota”

Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road and Pigtale Bridges

This morning was a cold crisp mountain morning. The kind of morning you look around the campground and are thankful you are not in a tent. Don’t get me wrong, in my younger years, when I could actually get up and down off the… Continue Reading “Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road and Pigtale Bridges”

Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park

We couldn’t leave the beauty of the National Forest Land we camped on last night without taking a hike. We had a nice leisurely walk a couple of miles along an old roadbed. It was so peaceful and quiet, except for us talking. We… Continue Reading “Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park”

Day 4: My Jackalope Adventure

What a beautiful view to wake up to. Time to eat, pack up and go scouting for all types of animals but we had to take some typical fun pictures before we left our camping spot. We bought our t-shirts at an outlet within… Continue Reading “Day 4: My Jackalope Adventure”

Day 3: Iowa to South Dakota on the road less traveled

We will get to one of my favorite places on this journey, and when you see it, you too will be mesmerized, but we, of course, had to travel to get there and traveling comes with pictures and stories. Last night the Wallydocking was not bad at all. It was safe and quiet, and as… Continue Reading “Day 3: Iowa to South Dakota on the road less traveled”