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Cody, Wyoming

When we awoke this morning, we did note that a couple more campers came in some time during the night. On our way out we rode up to Warren’s Peak Fire Tower which was right up the road from the campground. We saw some… Continue Reading “Cody, Wyoming”

Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park

We couldn’t leave the beauty of the National Forest Land we camped on last night without taking a hike. We had a nice leisurely walk a couple of miles along an old roadbed. It was so peaceful and quiet, except for us talking. We… Continue Reading “Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park”

Day 3: Iowa to South Dakota on the road less traveled

We will get to one of my favorite places on this journey, and when you see it, you too will be mesmerized, but we, of course, had to travel to get there and traveling comes with pictures and stories. Last night the Wallydocking was not bad at all. It was safe and quiet, and as… Continue Reading “Day 3: Iowa to South Dakota on the road less traveled”

Day 1: Leaving Pelham, NC

Day 1: Leaving Pelham, NC Our first stop was to go by Bailey’s work and tell her good-bye, again, on our way out of town. We thought she might be embarrassed with her parents looking like gypsies, as we pulled up, loaded to the… Continue Reading “Day 1: Leaving Pelham, NC”